July 31, 2007

FD. CH. Shorts Win Clean

Stud Fee: $200
13 3/4
Pro x (Blue Cobb x Woodchopper's Sister)

Win Clean works a check as hard as any hound under control. Clean has excellent search with huge nose. Win Clean is not a kennel barker. Win Clean is a true medium speed and a everyday dog

July 25, 2007

All time Favorite Beagles

These are some of my all time favorite that I had at my kennel. I think it is interesting to look at their color and build. Many of these are in pedigrees.

Cow Gator
*Bull Gator x Shorts Maid
*Derby UBGF National Champ

*Litter Mate to Greenwoods Playboy
*Finished in 5 Trails

Bull Gator
*Tiny Bull x Valene
*UBGF Derby National Champ
*MAB National Champ

B.B. Bonnie
*Won 7 National Championships
*Picuture of AKC National
*2nd Place Dog (Hagens Maybe Bad) I owed and won UBGF National with.

*Great Fast Chop Mouth
*His Problem was Keen Cutter Casey
*Casey beat Ozzie in 3 Nationals

Black Ace
*Won UBGF Derby National
*Finished in 4 Trails

Dark Alf
*Finished in 7 Trails
*Best Mouth on any beagle I ever heard

Black Bog
*Won the UBGF National
*Hall of Fame
*Third best dog I ever bread

*Woodschopper x Oklahoma's Sister
*2006 UBGF National Champ

*Out of 17 pups she produced 4 Field Champions and one with 3 wins and one with 2 wins.
*This is Shorts Win Clean's Dam.
*She is 5 years old.

Tiny Bull
*Great Producer and Hall of Fame Dog
*Finished in 4 trials
*Rule Book Hound with a great chop mouth

July 23, 2007

History of Brown's LA

Brown's LA Beagles was established in 1908 by my father, Lawrence "Tango" Brown. My father ran a fox hound kennel that had a 100 hounds most any time. I started with beagles in 1969 and had as many as 100 at a time. My kennel size at the present varies between 40 to 60 hounds. In a family of six, my responsiblities was to feed the dogs and hogs.

Lawrence "Tango" Brown
November 25th 1908 - August 23rd 1999
Principal, Basketball Coach 39 years in the Public Schools